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WE LEVERAGE HUMAn and brand collections IN A GENUINE WAY
the process OF THE JOURNEY with our clients

Corporate Events

From store openings to product launches, public engagements, and activations, we create captivating engagement ideas and unique experiences step by step, aligned with our client's objectives and guidelines. We operate in total transparency, with a focus on the quality of execution and the outcome.

Conferences and Conventions

We elevate the experiences of conferences, capturing the minds and full attention of your guests and participants. Whether intimate industry meetings or large-scale conventions, our team is involved in every stage of production to guarantee you a successful and productive event. Our scope of specialties includes securing the venue, finding and booking speakers, organizing the participants and guest lists, entertainment activities, and food catering.

Fashion Shows

In any fashion show, we work closely with the designer to create state-of-the-art effects and elements that reflect the aesthetic of the designs presented. Our services cover bespoke runways, informal fashion shows, set designs and backdrops, lighting, audio and video, and a complete management for backstage and front rows, as well as the experience.


We can say we’ve been pioneering and refining the process of Digital PR for years with a proven record of success. We have access to regional and international influencers from a wide variety of industries thanks to the friendly and sincere connections we built with them.


We enjoy close relationships with journalists, editors, and key media outlets in the region. We tailor communication strategies for each client and every brand’s DNA to tell their unique stories via targeted publications. We secure positive, wide, and impactful media coverage.


We help you create, set up, and launch your website from scratch, guiding you through the process with our digital expertise and a full scope of services including surveys, basic SEO, and design, all in line with trends and requirements.

Content Creation

Content is the key to all things digital. We understand our clients’ needs deeply and engage with their audience on their preferred platforms. Our team utilizes its sharp creative skills to translate your story with various types of unique content ranging from images and videos to reels and short films.

We bring your brand strategy to life through visual identity, pakaging design, and logo design. We ensure that every aspect of your brand presence is consistent and credible so you deliver a premium unique experience to your customers.

As manager, we provide talents with strategic and active guidance for a successful career path. Our scope includes career development, image consistancy, networking and negociations. We work on behalf of our clients to promote and represent their best interests for a smooth and successful outcome.

We share our knowledge and experiences with individuals and professionals looking to advance their life and career. During our interactive workshops, participants will acquire key skills from concept to end product. Our insightful discussions help attendees determine the factors affecting their performance and provide solutions from real-life case studies.

We believe that each and everyone can make a difference by giving back to our community. It’s not a duty but simply part of our values at BB Consultancy. We’re a team that values the importance of empathy and actively contributes to awareness in modern-day society. We dedicate time with, mainly with no financial compensation (or at cost price) to causes dear to our hearts, aiming to generate more attention and action and leave a positive impact on this planet.

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